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Hardwood Lumber by Species

Green and Kiln Dried Lumber
Thicknesses: 4/4, 5/4, 6/4 and 8/4
Grades: FAS, 1F, 1Com, 2Com, 3Com and Framestock
Species: Ash, Basswood, Beech, Birch, Cherry, Hard Maple, Hickory, Poplar, Red Oak, Soft Maple and Walnut
S2S and SLR services are available upon request
ash lumber basswood lumber beech lumber
Color: creamy white to light brown heartwood, light sapwood
Density: very hard, excellent shock resistance
Grain: distinctive wide-open grain, has occasional brown streaks
Machinability: very good
Color: cream to beige color
Density: very soft texture, like pine, very light in weight, weak strength properties
Grain: fine, tight grain, non distinctive
Machinability: excellent
Color: pink to reddish brown heartwood, sapwood is creamy to pink
Density: very hard, heavy in weight, excellent shock resistance
Grain: moderate tight, fine grain with evident flecking at times
Machinability: machines well
Hard Maple
birch lumber cherry lumber hard maple lumber
Color: cinnamon, light reddish brown to pink heartwood, sapwood is creamy-white to yellowish
Density: hard, medium weight
Grain: uniform, fine grain, small pores
Machinability: generally good, some swirled grain will chip out if tooling is not sharp
Color: red to deep reddish brown heartwood, white to yellowish sapwood
Density: medium weight, moderately hard, stiff and strong
Grain: fine, closed grain
Machinability: excellent
Color: creamy white to off white sapwood-tinged occasionally with slight red brown heartwood
Density: hard, heavy and strong, very resistant to shock and abrasive wear
Grain: closed grain, uniform texture. Some of the figured Hard Maple is available (Curly, Birdseye, and Quilted)
Machinability: excellent, will tear out with dull tooling
Red Oak
hickory lumber poplar lumber red oak lumber
Color: tan to reddish brown heartwood, cream to yellowish sapwood (variable mixture of heart and sap)
Density: very hard, strong, stiff and heavy
Grain: moderately coarse open grain
Machinability: excellent machinability, but very abrasive on tooling
Color: Sapwood is pale yellow to white. Heartwood is light green to yellowish brown
Density: Very soft and light
Grain: Straight uniform grain with a medium texture
Machinability: Excellent
Color: pinkish red to blonde in color
Density: very hard and strong
Grain: Openly porous and with dramatic grain patterns. Like White Oak, it is offered in Quartered and Rift grains also.
Machinability: excellent
Soft Maple
soft maple lumber walnut lumber
Color: creamy white to grayish white sapwood, heartwood can be brown to greenish brown.
Density: moderately hard and strong, not quite as strong as Hard Maple
Grain: fine, tight closed grain, some flecking evident
Machinability: excellent
Color: brown to deep purple brown heartwood, sap is brilliant white to cream color-gray
Density: fairly light weight, medium texture
Grain: moderately open grain
Machinability: excellent machining
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