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Photo and Video Gallery

Green lumber being put on sticks at the automatic stacker
Kiln dried lumber line
Lumber on stick under a T-shed
Lumber on stick under a T-shed
American Wood Dryers Kiln
Lumber on sticks under a T-Shed
American Wood Dryers Kiln
Bold Designs Kiln
Custom Built Walnut Steamer
Custom Built Walnut Steamer
Meridien Hardwoods circa 1985
Meridien Hardwoods circa 1997
Meridien Hardwoods circa 2001
Meridien Hardwoods circa 2013
A Special Note
"We look forward to the chance to work with you on any of your lumber needs and hope to build fair, honest and long lasting partnerships. we think you will find that Meridien Hardwoods can provide you with everything you will ever need from the forest.”
- Dan Ferman
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